Текст песни Hatred

Альбом Execution Guaranteed

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Oh, shit, I'm getting sick of this
I'm caught and can't escape
It's gonna blow my head, you fucker get away
Me, madman in a rage

I hit the ceiling
Outta my mind
Oh when I get free
I'm gonna hang'em high


Oh, baby, it's so unfair
The whole thing's such a mess
Would someone keep the door locked up
When the house is falling in?

The time is coming
I don't want no more
I should believe in
Oh man, what a bore


Maybe you think it's allright, well
But ain't it a pity to hang around with nothin' to do
But watching it? Maybe someone needs a big kick in his
So I can help!



Seasons of the Black - Тёмные времена

Второй альбом Rage после реформации состава в 2015 году. Лидер группы Петер "Пиви" Вагнер действительно обрёл "второе дыхание", а то и "третье". Новые музыканты -...

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