Текст песни Ghosts

Альбом Ghosts

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My friend, I'm with you
I'm watching every step you do
I try to guard your way

They're all around me
the ones you're missing in your life
we're never gone, no way

We're all around you, everywhere
Just d o believe and be aware
It's all arranged for us this way
this is a world, that's next to yours
you can't see us, we can see you
the soul lives on, we're ghosts

My friend, no fear now
this is a part of the plan
We have to let it go

It's temporarily
the shape just shows the status quo
the level of the soul

We're all around you.....

Hey, this is new, it is what I have to do
now give me strength to face it
time - Let me learn, getting higher, get the turn
I'm getting closer to you

We're all around you



Perfect Man - Perfect album!

Этот альбом для меня особенный.
В 2003 году я записал его на кассету и слушал в плеере почти 2 года. Это практически саундтрэк к моим...

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