Текст песни Love And Fear Unite

Альбом Ghosts

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If it's the last thing I would do
I will apologise to you
the only thing I ever wanted was you
I know this is the only bigger truth

Don't you dare what's to do
When love and fear unite
now all this happens to you
when love and fear unite, they unite

I never meant this thing to you
if you could only see what's true
it's like a pattern in my mind
it makes me rageous, makes me blind

The only thing you wanted me to do
was not to see the past, was to see you

Don't you dare.......

If it's the last thing I would do
I want to start and try anew

The only one I ever wanted is you
and it all comes down this is the truth

Don't you dare...
Don't let your love and fear unite



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