Текст песни More Than A Lifetime

Альбом Ghosts

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I sat here thinking, let my mind drift away
and what I saw was a vision of you
Just like a movie that I saw yesterday
and now I know what I’m going to do

I watched the hourglass on my empty wall
like hypnotised of the circles I’d seen
The timeless ticking of the fingers who called
myself to be where I wanted to be

More than a lifetime away
More than a lifetime away
One million hours to stay
More than a lifetime away

I fly by night, I’m passing point after point
So many places to stay invite me
But they won’t heal me, they won’t rest me, I know
I’m moving on ‘till I’m going to be

More than a lifetime away.....

It’s more than a lifetime away....



Ghosts - Путь Призрака

Весьма необычный альбом для Rage, сочиненный и записанный в очень непростой для группы период. Альбом представляет собой концептуальную историю путешествия призрака между двумя мирами -...

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