Текст песни Heartblood

Альбом XIII

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On a dusty winding road, luck is not for free,
if you did like you were told, you will never see.

Just give me your heartblood...

Can it be a sin to speak in the tongue of freedom?
You will only win if you try the best to be you.

Just give me your heartblood...

Warfare in a sick society.
Out there give it all or leave it be.
No fear! What do you mean - 'security'?
Who cares about you? You'll only hear:

Give me your heartblood...



Perfect Man - Perfect album!

Этот альбом для меня особенный.
В 2003 году я записал его на кассету и слушал в плеере почти 2 года. Это практически саундтрэк к моим...

10 из 10, muravied