Текст песни Immortal Sin

Альбом XIII

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So sweet and defenseless,
offered all to my dependence.
Just relax your spirit,
we're all alone.

Tied up in the darkness,
you've forgotten your existence,
waiting for the fire
and what's to come.

Lost imaginations
coming back to scare the body.
Going down in fever,
drawn to the flame.

A sweet pain to cut the indifference,
a forbidden love to come.

You're immortal, you're immortal sin.

Coming from behind you,
feel the fingers reaching higher.
Crawling on the floor,
you won't get away.

So sweet and dependent,
I will offer my demands.
So just relax your spirit,
we're all alone.

And you know you shouldn't walk this way,
but you never want to hear.

You're immortal, you're immortal sin.

Now you're gone too far...

We're all alone.



Reign of Fear - Золотой Век

Альбом, ставший дебютом для команды именно под именем Rage. Эта пластинка - целиком и полностью детище своей эпохи, шедевр раннего немецкого Speed/Heavy/Thrash Metal. Столь многообразное...

10 из 10, Alex2